17 May 2011

Complete: Peter's Cold Steel Bushman sheath.

I have finally gotten around to fabbing up the belt attachment for this Cold Steel sheath.  I used the .125 thickness Kydex and let me tell you that stuff is a bitch to form.  I have built a few small oak forming blocks and each bend has to be heated and folded individually as apposed to the one shot approach to the sheath.


15 May 2011

Let's ram something.

Some of these pictures are a little more than a year old, but I think I'm just about to finish  my front bumper.  It's time to bend some tube for the grill guard and build in a winch.  The biggest setback has been getting ahold of tube around here. 

I first started with a piece of 6x8in rectangular tubing.  And then a million hours of grinding.

These were the mounting brackets I concocted.

Inlaying these light buckets were not fun.

This is an 1/8in piece of aluminum  put through a press break and then some dimple dies.  Its serves as an air deflector and skid plate to my trucks intercooler.