02 May 2012

Trail blazing...

Well I've been out a couple of times this week exploring some of the 4wheeler trails in the area with Justin and having some fun along the Black River.  There looks to be some potentially good fishing spots for spin/bait casting and even some great areas for primitive camping.  

 We saw quite a few Canadian geese up and down the river, but they didn't too much appreciate my average attempt at seeking goose or walking up so close.  I'm not saying it would be something "I" would do, but having a bow for times like this would sure be great.

 And now for the adventure, It's never good when someone barks at me "you wont do it".  "Like hell", and that's how it all gets started.  Damn good thing I have a winch.  But I ruined a spark plug wire in the process, so to the Polaris parts counter I'll go tomorrow. 

Happy Trails!