02 August 2011

A couple of videos to add to the last post.

From August 2, 2011

From August 2, 2011

If you'll go back and watch the last video a second time notice in the background all the small trout hitting and jumping out of the water after the Trico and Yellow Stonefly hatches.

11 days of fishing, drinking, and killing time.

Two weeks before I have to take a little trip across the big pond I figure I should take a little time off and have some fun.  So I headed back out to Wilmington NY on a Friday afternoon to catch some fish.  I met up at the Ausable River Two fly Shop to BS with Tom and Brookie for a while then hit the river with Scott.  from there it was non-stop fishing with some real good lunches and night time drinking at the Sportsman's Pub.

 One of the nights at Steinhoff's.  Beer, whiskey, pool, darts, fishing stories and shit talking.

 Here's a few different sizes of the Ausable River Bomber that has been the most successful fly for me lately.  The one on the bottom Tom at the fly shop custom tied for me with extra hackle in an effort to keep the fly afloat in more turbulent waters.

 Myself with a kayak and Scott and his Packboat we went out past Saranac Lake to some of the small lakes near Paul Smiths college to fish some deep waters but had no luck on that outing.

 I wish I could sen all my fellow Texan's some rain, on the second Friday it rained all day and we fished our asses off.

 Scott and a real nice Brown Trout.

 We drove up about an hour north to the Chateaugay River just a couple of miles south of the Canadian border for some awesome fishing.

 Back to the Asuasable River.

 On Saturday we went to Lake Placid and Saranac Lake to watch some Rugby.  The Can-Am (Canadian-American) tournament was going on.  In the background of this pic you'll see the Olympic ski high jump towers in Lake Placid. 

I caught a monster Brown while fishing the Chateaugay river guesstimating he was about 20 to 22 inches but broke the line just before getting him into the net.  It was a real good fight in some rough water.  He stole my fly so I guess I'll have to go reclaim soon.