18 July 2011

Yes, still fishing....

Last Friday I went back out to Wilmington just east of Lake Placid to do some more fishing for the weekend.  I met up at the Ausable River Two Fly Shop with a new fishing buddy Scott and after a beer at Steinhoff's we hit the river.  Again on Saturday and Sunday I was out on the water.  Saturday eve Scott caught a huge 18 inch Rainbow trout.  Though that fish didn't count because he caught that fish out of turn.  I cought a few small ones from Friday through Saturday but had the best luck Sunday morning, afternoon and evening.  Here are a few pic's of the fish I caught.
This here was a feisty little Rainbow.

After some research I finally found out what kind of duck I have been seeing on the river besides greenheads and it was a Common Merganser and below is an interesting video clip.

 Last is a video clip of a curious little river Otter who left the far bank and swam directly towards me, under my fly line and to the bank right behind me.  I'd say he swam to about 10ft or less to myself standing in the water.  (About the music)  So I sometimes turn on the tunes from my Iphone while fishing.  And REO Speedwagon still rocks.

09 July 2011

A Few Trout...

Today on the Salmon River I landed a few trout.

Someone spent some time stacking this little pile of rocks.

No Trout.

On Friday afternoon I headed south and started fishing the South Sandy Creek where I was only catching little panfish, perch, and a couple of smallmouth bass.  It was a wildlife day though.  A group of whitetail moving toward the water through the brush and grapevine stumbled upon a startled fisherman, and I'd say we were all pretty spooked.  Then a beaver smacked his tail at me as to imply this was his pond and I wasn't welcomed, so I moved on but only cause the fish were scarce.  And, I ran into a red fox.  A beautiful little creature.  The fishing wasn't to my licking so I jumped into the truck and headed further south and drove through Pulaski and hit up the headwaters of the Salmon River on a fly fishing only catch and release area.  I got there around 8pm so I didnt have much time but I fished till about 9:20 and had no luck with trout but caught quite a few of these nice panfish.

06 July 2011

4th of July weekend in the Adirondacks.

Fourth of July weekend, four days of fishing...  I headed back out to the Adirondack Mountains to do some fly fishing near the town of Wilmington about 12 miles east of Lake Placid.  On Saturday I met with a guide, John R., to help better familiarize me with the area and teach me some of the local fishing techniques as well s accelerate my learning curve in fly fishing.  We went out to a spot on the Ausable River and wet some lines.  We both caught a couple of nice Brown Trout.  The next morning I fished the same area with no luck then around lunch I went to the Wilmington Notch campground to get my site for the evening.  I was not impressed with New York's park reservation system or the manner in which they do business.  Not to mention the park could use some repairs and as much as I paid for one short night to park my truck and make a fire there should be ample funds to better maintain their camp.  Back to fishing.... While on the river in a rare coincident I run into and meet a former paratrooper who lives in the area and was fortunate to fish the next day with him and learn some of the nice spots to fish and some other techniques. 

01 July 2011

Breakin in the new fly rod.

Got a new fly rod the other day, and she's a bute.  It's an Orvis Access rand and reel, and I needed to go out and break it in before this weekends fishing trip.  So i went out to the Little Sandy Creek about 40 minutes south of where I'm staying.  STRIKE!  The first fish I caught was a Rainbow Trout.  And a big one, it nearly covered my entire hand.  (Sarcasm)

 Then the rest of the day all I caught was these little pest fish, folks around here I believe call them suckers, but I think I was the sucker.