17 February 2013

Damn Cold.

Well its been pretty damn cold up here in lower Canada.  Downright miserable.....  The lake effect of Lake Ontario curses this area with brutal winds and a usually heavy dose of clouds therefor causing a lack of sun.  It also blows plenty of snow.  Today I woke up and it was -5, around 10:00 am I began layering up and took off to my landlord Todd's house where we were to meet and go out across the countryside for a little snowmobiling.  It was 4 degrees by then but putting gloves on over already cold stricken fingers doesn't do much good.  Even though the handle bars of the sled are heated my fingers felt like they were being constantly fed to a meat grinder.  Sleds are what the folks around here refer to the snowmobile colloquially as, just as down south many refer to a four wheeler as a bike.  So out of Todd's garage with the Arctic Cat and Ski-Doo sled, a quick orientation, and off across a pasture and into the woods we went.

First off we rode from his house outside of Carthage to the town of Copenhagen where we stopped for some fuel, then to another community known as Barnes Corner where we stopped at this joint for a burger and fries.  Below is a pic of the parking lot outside of the bar and grill,

and again below a photo taken inside the bar and grill, here's where you put your gear.

Next for your viewing pleasure are a couple of videos I took while riding.  Forgive the fat fingers obstructing part of the lens as I was using my iphone which is a bit inconvenient to hold and ride at the same time.

Okay, this video thing isn't working out so well, stand by.

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